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Things to know

A brief technical overview of oil industry terms. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.

Mineral engine oils

Mineral engine oils are produced from base oils. However, these oils are limited in their performance for state-of-the-art passenger cars by increasing requirements – such as extended oil change intervals, very high engine performance and the demand for smooth running. Typical viscosity: SAE 15W-40

Partly synthetic engine oils

The refined mineral oils with synthetic additives improve cold-start properties, keep the engine clean and offer smooth running properties as well as excellent wear protection. Typical viscosity: SAE 10W-40

Full synthesis

Fully synthetic base oils form the optimum basis for engine oils with greatly improved properties. Fully synthetic engine oils can be used in gasoline and diesel engines and offer optimum wear protection, optimum cold start and optimum smooth running properties and optimum engine cleanliness They meet the highest quality standard API. ACEA and manufacturer’s approvals. Suitable for long oil changes. Typical viscosity: SAE 0W-40, 5W-40, 10W-60, 0W-30

HC Engine oils

The hydrocracking process can produce base oils with viscosity indices of more than 130, which is not possible by solvent refining. Thus, this process has gained high importance.

Low SAPS engine oils

Motorenoel Low Emission is a high-performance motor oil with a low sulfur and phosphorus content based on HC synthesis with a new additive system (Low SAPS) technology. Extremely good effectiveness of EU4-EU5 exhaust gas purification systems over very long operating times.

What is


Viscosity is the measure of the internal friction of a liquid. It depends very much on the temperature and is classified by the SAE committee (Society of Automotive Engineers) in a number-letter combination [e.g. 5W-40]. The atomic number (e.g. 5W = winter] stands as a key figure for the behavior at low temperatures, while the atomic number (e.g. B. 40] is the key figure for flow behavior at high temperatures (100 °C).

The engine life depends essentially on the base oil used and on the viscosity. Whether the oil reaches the last lubrication point in the engine at low temperatures in 2.8 seconds for 0W-XX oils, or in 48 seconds for 15W-XX oils, is a decisive criterion for engine life.

Lubrication times

It takes that long for the engine oil to reach the last lubrication point at cold start (0 °C).

Viscosity | OW-XX

Viscosity | OW-XX

2.8 seconds

Viscosity | 5W-XX

Viscosity | 5W-XX

8 seconds

Viscosity | 10W-XX

Viscosity | 10W-XX

28 seconds

Viscosity | 15W-xx

Viscosity | 15W-XX

48 seconds




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