Roller Bearing Grease LC 002
A natural colored, lithium saponified, mineral oil based grease for the lubrication of high pressure loaded rolling and plain bearings at elevated bearing temperatures. (-40 to max. +180°C); field-proven and tested in agregates with filling specification: MN 284 Li-H2; MB 265.1;
ID: 3209
Longterm Grease LZR 2 (long-life grease)
Blue mineral oil based lithium saponified grease. Water-resistant, adhesive, pressure-resistant and corrosion-protective. It is a long-term lubricating grease for highly loaded sliding and rolling bearings.
ID: 3204
Fluid grease ZS KOOK-40
is produced on the basis of high-quality base oils using lithium-12 hydroxy soaps as thickeners.
ID: 3250
Multipurpose grease KF2K-30 graphite
Soft, very supple, lithium saponified, black grease based on mineral oil with graphite additives (-30 to +130°C) EP active ingredients improve mixed friction operation.
ID: 3203
Multipurpose grease (K2K-30)
This multi-purpose grease is a natural colored, lithium saponified, mineral oil based grease.
ID: 3205