Winter Chemistry

To targeted defrost of frozen slices in the automotive -, as  well as an industrial area. Intact windscreen wiper blades are doing essential. The product is tolerated MAKROLON discs. It automatically mixes with water.
ID: 2217
Scheibenfrostschutz -30°C

Highquality winter windshield cleaners for all automotive windscreen and headlamp wash.

ID: 2214
Antifreeze G12 +
is a full concentrate coolant and heat transmission medium based on 1.2 - Ethandiol (monoethylene glycol) for summer and winter operation with frost and rust protection effect (year-round application)
ID: 2218
Antifreeze Universal
is a full concentrate coolant based on mono-ethylene glycol for operation both in summer and winter with frost and rust protection (year-round application).
ID: 2215
Antifreeze G13
is a is a full concentrate coolant and heat transmission medium based on ethanediol (ethylenglycol, MEG) for for summer and winter operation, enabling a maintenancefree protection against frost, overheating and rust formation.
ID: 2216