Bike Oils

Super Bike FS V-TWIN SAE 20W-50
is a synthetic engine oil and is suitable for all motorcycles when the specification SAE 20W-50 or JASO MA/MA2 is required. Especially suitable for use with air or water-cooled V-engines with large displacement and high power. Especially suitable for extremely high outside temperatures and use in racing.
ID: 2255
Speedway Power (Castor Oil) 2T, 4T
2 and 4-stroke engine oil for heavy-duty racing engines with high speeds and extreme loads. This castor oil must never be mixed with mineral or synthetic oils!!!
ID: 2210
Oil Cart Racing Rhizinus 2T, 4T
A 2- and 4-stroke engine oil for heavily loaded racing engines With very high speeds and extreme loads. Miscible with gasoline and alcohol. It is biodegradable and must never be mixed with mineral or synthetic oils.
ID: 2211
Farmer Super Mineral SAE 30 Mineral
Mineral monograde engine oil based on selected base oils of viscosity grade - SAE 30. Ideally suited for 4-stroke lawn mowers.
ID: 2033
Agrarian Super TC-W II 2T
Is a premixed lubricant based on mineral oils for 2-stroke engines.
ID: 2034
Super Bike Touring SAE 20W-50 4T
Is a mineral oil based engine oil with selected additives for demanding 4-stroke motorcycles.
ID: 2044
Scooter Young Power Formula 2T TS 2T
is a semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil based on mineral and synthetic base oils and selected 2-stroke additives. This product is colored red
ID: 2053
Outboard Oil Hightec Speed 2T
Is a synthetic 2-stroke oil based on synthetic base oils, selected 2-stroke additives and PAO components.
ID: 2650
Racing EXTREM 4 stroke V.O. Turbo SAE 10W-50
Is a high-alloy synthetic fuel-economy multigrade engine oil based on specially selected base oils.
ID: 8110
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